Why Drylands Solutions

Premier ecosystems, agriculture and natural resource management consultancy service provider in the drylands.
Provide professional consultancy services to clients based on ethics, innovations, and quality solutions for the sustainable management of dryland ecosystems, agriculture and natural resources.
The firm provides sound and quality technical consultancy services on sustainable management of the drylands for improved livelihoods, healthy ecosystems and biodiversity.
The company is based at the heart of the drylands, that is, Garissa - Kenya and provides services throughout the drylands of Kenya, East and Horn of Africa and to some extent the globe.


Dryland Solutions is a multidisciplinary consultancy service provider that executes research, trains and capacity builds, monitors and evaluates, and formulates project/programmes on:

-Land use and sustainable planning and integrated management of ecosystems and environment, agriculture, livestock and rangelands, wildlife, forestry, renewable energy, catchment and wetlands protection and conservation, water and sanitation based on appropriate socio-economic and ecological data collection approaches including surveys, assessments, document and recommend suitable technologies, practices and policies that blend science and indigenous knowledge